Our satisfied long-term clients mean everything to us. We have been on the market since 1994 and have clients who have been with us as long as 20 years. That really means something. We develop technologies which help control the supplies of water and other utilities to over a million of households and businesses.

Forget about global compromises.

We have our own technology which we control from beginning to end.

We started off as a GIS, and grew into an all-in-one technological company. Today we are able to handle almost any agenda. We can configure solutions based on the Monet technology according to your needs. You read well – configure, not create a new SW version over a third party’s system, which will work for you for three years, and, as part of another update, you will have to completely rewrite and reprogram it. Configure.



The logic of our solutions is based on our logical network model, just like the logic of the whole branch is based on utilities. GIS, ERP and a bunch of other applications are integrated in one platform.

Monet is an all-in-one platform. By reducing the number of platforms you can visibly reduce running costs – you will not pay for support, operation or licenses for multiple systems. Development will also be easier – you can deal with everything through one team.

Projects Completed

Cups Consumed

Satisfied Clients

Pizza's ordered

Do you want to adjust the system?

You can do it yourself.

System adjustments are really easy and can be made immediately – without development, expensive change requests, long waiting times. Our technology is based on easy configurations which do not affect the running of the system. A skilled operator can do that directly at your place.


With a fully workable information system you can make better use of the most valuable assets you have.

Thanks to a customer-friendly licensing model you will be able to connect the whole company into the system, not just the selected providers. You will be able to handle simple configurations on your own without involving anonymous developers. You can easily handle twenty of them per day so your system will be perfect very soon.

  • “We used to use software and pay for each and every license. Then we chose MoNET from which we made the heart of the whole company, something that helps dozens of people every day to do their jobs more accurately and effectively.”

Wherever you need it

On your cellphone, tablet, web, desktop, on the server, in distributed operation, both online and offline

The desktop version works well also on the web, on tablets and cellphones – all functions in their full range. We have refined synchronizations for distributed teams in both the online and offline mode, or their combination. Thanks to API connection to other systems is a walk in the park.

In good company

You are welcome to join the biggest Czech waterworks.

Our technology controls networks and processes over a million end users depend on.

Meet us

Our team can change the functioning of your company

Michal Pavela

Founder of the company

Rudla Kudla

Author of the MoNET technology

Contact us

Do not hesitate and contact us. We will be happy to discuss your project with you.

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Ibsenova 12/128
779 00 Olomouc

tel. +420 585 230 155
e-mail: informace@espace.cz