• It will save you a lot of work and time.

    Start using a customized IT system.

    For over twenty years we have been programming fast and reliable IT systems in Olomouc. Our solution will easily cover all the situations that daily occur in your company. The development is in your hands,
    and the system will have everything you need.

We will help you fine-tune your processes

We will speed up administration and untie your hands

Why would you manually enter anything that can enter itself?

Our system will enable you to dispatch a lot of requests at a time.

Thanks to this you can grow – and at the same time you will be able to keep up with your everyday duties.

„There were so many requests from the public asking for statements regarding utility networks that our colleagues were unable to process them and would frequently have nervous breakdowns. Currently, ⅓ of such requests leaves automatically thanks to data from the geo-information system.“

Says Mrs. Bednaříková IT manager with Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace

Once and for all you will have your data in order

You will get to it in such a form that you can compare and evaluate it.

Reports will help you plan budgets and comply with regulations.

You can better orient yourself in what you see in front of you. Employees will more easily avoid making mistakes and you will see more easily where you are losing money.

„In the past our employees used to have the geo-information system, and Excel on top of that. Now they have everything in one and can work with it just like with a database. They register in it all the collected water samples, it is connected to the laboratory information system containing analysis results, and we show it back to the outlets of the water grid and sewer system. People can see if the met the standard. They will upload the report to the civil administration portal, by which we comply with our legal duty to submit report.“

Mr. Bayer GIS Manager, Ostravské vody a kanalizace (Ostrava Water&Sewer)

On the desktop, tablet, cellphone, or offline

Field workers will get tablets and put data into the system directly on the spot. If they are offline, everything will be synchronized on their returning to the office.

It is easy for us to program the transition to a new platform or operating system later.

„In the old days when workers visited a client, they had to put notes down on a paper slip, and then someone had to rewrite it into the computer. Now, they can easily enter everything into the tablet on the spot. You can tell the difference by the way the workers feel. Computer literacy has improved dramatically, and so has the workers’ self-confidence. In a way, this triggered a technological revolution in charitable work.“

Mr. Keprt Director of Archdiocese Charity, Olomouc

With us you will handle all work agenda

Particularly what? For example:

  • Documentation and visualization of spatial data on the web,
  • Building intentions and passport of buildings,
  • IS for heat plants, gasworks, or waterworks,
  • Agenda of contracts and maintenance management,
  • Real estate cadaster,
  • Network model,
  • GIS,
  • Documentation of the ISP network,
  • Power grid documentation,
  • Workflow approval,
  • Pressure bands,
  • Easement management,
  • Building intentions,
  • Longitudinal sewer profiles

Whatever you ask of us, we can promise you this:

We appreciate every client

Our programmers are responsible for 1–2 projects.

We will be with you for years

We have had our existing customers for around 10 years.

We will figure out everything you need

Our own technology enables us to do so.

Everything is based on good relationships

We are open to each other; both toward you and within our team.