Our software is easy to use and develop

We make the user’s life easier

We automate everything that’s possible. Besides that, MoNET will prevent part of human errors from occurring. It won’t enable the wrong format to be entered, or will call attention to an anomaly.

The systems run on all platforms

Of course you will continue to modernize. You will replace computers, operating systems, servers, etc.

We will never tell you that it won’t run on XP“.

Technology grows together with you

We create sustainable solutions and develop them for years. We have a client who started off with five employees.

Ten years later he has over 200, and still uses MoNET.

Do you understand programming a bit?

Then you’ll care to know that we build on three principles:

Cleanness and briefness

Regardless of the programming language a programmer can write approximately 100 lines of code per day.

The more information there is in one line, the faster is the development.

The MoNET language prevents anything to be written twice.


You don’t need to be afraid that our solution is nontraditional. We show our solution publicly, don’t hide know-how.

If you want, you can go to another supplier.


In the IT sector you’d say that we have a separated definition and implementation.

We will first describe the reality of your firm.

What you do, what you trade with, etc. In a separate layer we then solve the connection to computers or servers.

The information system will run:

  • On your cloud, as well as locally,
  • Natively with GIS spatial data,
  • Independently of the data format,
  • With a multi-license, and for various levels of access rights,
  • Compatibly with other systems via API,

The core of this technology is the C++ language. On Android we work with Java.

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