This is how our projects normally develop:

1. First, we will ask you a lot of questions and watch you work in order to make sure our solution perfectly fits your needs.

We will also speak with your employees as everyone knows a bit of reality. It has happened a few times that thanks to our analysis we helped improve processes in the whole company.

2. We will get to work soon, and discuss everything over a prototype.

Very often particular ideas occur to people over a concrete output. That’s why we will first create the first prototype, then develop it until it fits you perfectly.

3. Implementation won’t be easy, but we’ll help you with it.

Every system change is demanding in a way. It often takes the employees a while to get used to something new.
We will help you hand over everything to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

4. We will develop the system so that it grows with you.

It doesn’t end with our handing the work over to you.
We’re going to be still in it with you.
We will adapt the solution to the changes in the company and legislation in order to keep the system fast, stable and practical.

We thought we knew what our customers say about us,
but o be on the safe side we asked them

„They have a nice and honest behavior, always trying to keep their word. This company has its culture and inner values they stick to. This gives me great assurance that we are able to handle a lot of things. They never say: This is impossible, give us a different task. They always seek how to solve problems.“
Mr. Keprt Director of Archdiocese Charity in Olomouc
„We know them well, and actually have a less formal relationship than with others. They are nice and trustworthy people, which is always a healthy beginning of cooperation. I think that they care about their clients, whether you are going to continue cooperating with them or not, and not only because of economic reasons.“
Mr. Runták, Director of Repossession Office in Přerov