We have created software for water grids and sewer grids for 15 years.
We know everything about what it takes to operate a waterworks.

Choose a solution assembled from well-attested modules or have the necessary functions custom-developed.

SmVaK needs something different than a waterworks for a small town. However, we can meet the needs of both.

IS as a service including data management

Ideal for small waterworks

Choose from already developed functionalities only those that you really need. You can buy more later if need be.

You don’t need your own hardware or software. Everything runs on our servers via cloud. We guarantee security.

Do you lack capacities?
Our consultant will take care of surveying and updating geographical data for you.

Our system enables us to read data, generate and print out reports.

Custom-developed solutions for your waterworks

Ideal for big waterworks

We build the base solution from modules that are well-attested by years of practice in our customers’ companies.

On it we will program anything exactly according to your requirements.

We are at your disposal as a partner, and we ensure all service.

We gradually develop our solutions,
so that these can eventually cover your whole agenda.

As of now we have over 100 agendas at our disposal that you can use; from tracking functions to pressure and monitoring zones.

Even in the basic version you have all you need,
and we can custom-develop anything.

Do you want to use MoNET as a service?

You have all the key functions in the price of the monthly flat fee.

  • Access to reading geographical data in seamless map
  • Looking up addresses and particular data
  • Exporting data into CAD, or text files and back
  • Printing out outputs and creating predefined templates

We offer the possibility to cooperate with a consultant who surveys and updates data.

Do you want your own solution consisting of well-attested modules?

We can offer you over 100 agendas already prepared, such as:

  • Easy tracking and analysis of hundreds of kilometers of water pipes
  • Pressure and monitoring zones
  • Management of hydrants with guaranteed pressure
  • Calculation of statistical overviews and creating reports
  • Data correction management and its mass modifications
  • Supporting long transactions with automatic detection of conflicts

You can access the system from the desktop computer in your office, or also via your cellphone or tablet from just about anywhere. Or you can also use a full-fledged offline option.

The system is built on our own MoNET technology.
We will adapt it to any platform and to all your needs.

We will help you implement the MoNET system
so that everything goes smoothly


We will show and explain you everything.

We will give you a nonbinding presentation.


You will first try the system out.

Are you considering customization? We will lend you software filled with a sample of your data to try it out.


Don’t worry about migration.

An experienced consultant will be at your disposal during the transition to the new system.


It will give you an easier life for the next ten years.

Our system is stable, independent of the OS and hardware, and at the same time it can grow together with you.

Our information system has made life easier to people in Czech waterworks for years. We have achieved all this together:

„„Currently the most complex agenda in MoNET is registering outfall points. We must guarantee the parameters of the water wherever the sewer flows into a river. It used to be done using Excel. The only thing it had in common with GIS was that the outfalls had the same ID. Today it is all in one. They can either look at it from the position of individual outfalls, or as a whole, and work with it just like with a database.

Everything is connected to the laboratory information system, where analysis results are stored. In this way we can see whether we fulfilled the norm or not. Based on this agenda we also create reports for public service authorities.““

We connect outfalls to laboratory analyses,

and thus more easily fulfill the reporting duty

„„Calculating lease is currently the main benefit for us. When the investor builds a water grid and wants to own it, but doesn’t have a license to operate it, we become the operators. And lease is what SMVAK pays to the investor.

The calculation of lease used to be done manually and it took two weeks. Now in MoNET we can prepare documents to be sent to around 400 investors within 3.5 hours. Thus the whole process has been significantly shortened. We are gradually fine-tuning the functionality in order to automate the process as much as possible.““

The calculation of lease used to be done manually and it took two weeks.

Now, thanks to automation, we can do it in 3.5 hours.

„„My colleagues used to collapse under the amount of work as we were getting more applications than they were able to process. Now, a third is answered automatically, also thanks to GIS data. The MoNET system automatically evaluates what kind of contractual relationships or possibly water source protection zones there are.

This is a huge contribution we didn’t even dream of. We thought that the automatic process would help us deal with approximately 10% of all applications, but it is actually 35%. To je obrovský přínos, o kterém se nám ani nezdálo. The client relations department still exists but the workers are much less overworked.““

Automatic response regarding the existence of networks

has reduced the amount of work of my busy colleagues by a third

Waterworks are happy to cooperate with us because:

A multi-license is taken for granted.

All your employees will become engaged in working with the system.

You rely on a stable system.

You are independent of an operating system or updates.

We have your back!

We are based in Olomouc so if there’s a problem, it’s not far for us to get to you.

Do you like it? Give us a shout!

We will arrange an appointment and will personally discuss everything.

Do you need more information? We will gladly answer your questions at:

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